Corrosion prevention methods for stainless steel pressure gauges

1. Diaphragm type pressure gauges can be used. Currently, there are molybdenum 2 titanium and tantalum plates. Methyl silicone oil is used to transmit pressure between the diaphragm and the ballistic tube, with a range of 0-100kPa. If the diaphragm material is not yet corrosion-resistant, a layer of F46 (polytetrafluoroethylene propylene) diaphragm can be added, but the sensitivity of the instrument may be reduced. F46 can also be directly used as an isolation diaphragm, but attention should be paid to the permeability of the medium. Fluorine oil can be used as the transmission fluid, which can play a dual isolation role

2. If the medium has significant corrosion on stainless steel and copper, the buffer tank can be changed to an isolation tank and corrosion-resistant isolation liquid can be added. The type of isolation liquid can be selected based on the properties of the tested medium, but it is better to use it for more than half a year without deterioration. If ordinary isolation liquids are not suitable, fluorochlorine oil can be used as the isolation liquid, but the price is expensive. Therefore, the isolation tank should be made small, and the fluorine oil should be recycled and reused during disassembly and assembly